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Monday, February 20, 2012


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Some of you guys have checked out my new blog for kids, called Kids Change Things. If you haven't told all the amazing little people in your life about it, then now's your chance!!  I'm really excited about it and the opportunity to get kids (and adults!) connected to what is going on with Bible Translation in East Africa... praying for the work being done there and around the world... and helping them connect with kids around the world!

In connecting with Wycliffe about the kids' website, I recently got a link to a cool game that the Seed Company and the Duggars (you know, the 19 Kids and Counting Family) have put together. It's called Makaziville, and it lets kids play on an interactive website where they fly to TANZANIA of all places and get to build a village and learn more about Bible Translation! I've linked to it on my kids blog... but wanted to share a brief video I just found about it on here. Check it out!  (And yep, I'm really going to make you go to my kids website to get to the link... sorry!  I can't get the picture to link from here. :)