Friday, May 30, 2014

Musoma Blessings

There are those days… when you’re worn out from packing, tired from teaching, and fall asleep in the afternoon only to wake up the next day. When you get to school and realize you’re not just tired, but sick. When you head home to your own bathroom, leaving your kindergarteners in the hands of another teacher, and trust it’s all being taken care of.

When you know that parents called will actually respond and come pick up their kids early. And that your students know routines well enough to keep going even without someone standing over them (at least on the days they’re feeling motivated).

There are those days… when your supervisor knows you and knows teachers (who don’t rest when school’s in session) and calls later in the afternoon not to just ask how you’re doing, but to tell you you WILL be staying home to rest the next day instead of teaching. :) When a parent volunteers not to just teach the kids for half a day (the core curriculum), but has them vote to stay the full day so they have time to make their teacher get well cards. When another parent comes to the door with good-tummy-foods and Miss Crystal cards and a hug and makes sure everything’s alright.

I'll bet you can't guess what our verse of the week is!? ;)
There are those days… like today. It’s my first time in two years to miss school due to sickness, which is saying something here (mostly that I’ve managed to confine my sicknesses to weekends, and have managed to avoid malaria and typhoid thus far!). But it’s such a blessing to know that when things don’t go according to plan, people are ready to step in and make things happen anyway – and care for me along the way!

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