Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Life in Countdowns

A lot has been happening lately in life, at school, and everywhere else.  I'm thankful for God's grace and help in abundance, but some days are definitely easier than others!  Lately, in an effort to continue to look on the bright side while I've been sick, when life is crazy and the hats to wear are many, I’ve started realizing that countdowns are helping me to focus on the happy little things along the way and make it through to the next "exciting" landmark!

So, here is my life in countdowns, with an explanation of why they rank countdown-status.  :)

-4 DAYS since I got my hair cut! 
With wazungu (white people) being the serious minority here in Musomaland, there aren’t a lot any options for hair stylists who are able or willing to cut our hair.  So when one comes to visit from America, under the guise of wanting to visit her best friend that lives here… we flock from miles kilometers around!  Can’t tell you how much we ALL looked forward to this day… so I'll let someone else tell you instead!
 11 DAYS till we move!
Yes, I know our new house will have it’s own set of frustrations and inconveniences.  But seeing as I don’t know what these are yet, and that I do know my current situation, I’m free to dream!  Looking forward to no more bat poop on the floor and on my bed every evening… a (hopefully) better shower… no more driving on the pot-hole-ridden road between our house and the school… and being a whole lot closer to town and fabulous people!
23 DAYS (inc weekends) till Lake Victoria Learning Center gets out!
Not that I don’t love teaching… don’t get me wrong.  And I LOVE teaching these fabulous kiddos!  But it’s been a crazy year of multiple transitions, and I’m feeling ready to start fresh once again…
31 DAYS till I fly to Germany!
I’m sure I’ll be in culture shock again.  But at least this time I have an idea of what I’m headed into.  I’ll have just packed up all my things.  But at least this time I’ll know where I’m coming back to.  And I actually know my roommates, and can look forward to swimming, walking around and blending in, hot showers, and a great little ice cream place where you can mix the most fun flavors ever!
41ish DAYS till I become an aunt! 
Ok, can’t say much about this that’s not already obvious – I’m pretty excited and wish I could be in Florida to meet my new niece right away instead of sitting in masters classes for sure!
53 DAYS until I get to London! 
Yes, I’ll be doing all my post-coursework Masters assignments, so it won’t be vaca per se.  But I’m REALLY looking forward to visiting a dear friend or two… and I’m excited for a bit of refreshment time, whatever that looks like! 
(I could really use some good recommendations of what to do in London and the surrounding areas, if you have ideas, since my previous times in London have numbered hours between cross-continental flights!)
And… that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.  I’d say that’s pretty good for now.  Sometime after all this I’ll make my way back to Nairobi, take a bus to Musoma, start getting ready for the upcoming semester… and start helping to teach a whole new crop of MKs! 

Taking it one day at a time... and joyfully counting down along the way! :)

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