Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daily Drives... and Ducks

I recently saw a photo on FaceBook showing someone's creativity in expressing their displeasure of potholes somewhere in South Africa.  It was cute.  Really.  I considered (for a brief moment) the idea of doing the same thing here in Musoma... but I couldn't imagine where I'd find the rubber duckies, the cage just seemed like too much work... and it seemed the real ducks in our potholes would probably prefer I leave the water to them!
Picture from FB and
My roommate and I live a bit out of the main town, so driving into work during rainy season is always a fun challenge depending on how much it's rained the night before.  Unfortunately, the video below doesn't show the real LIVE ducks we often dodge on our way into town... but this gives you a bit of a perspective of what the start of my daily drive looks like here in Musoma, Tanzania.  This is the worst section for sure... and the video is really long, so feel free to cut off whenever you get tired, bored, or start feeling carsick!

*Special video credits go to my phone for taking this semi-decent video, a gob of blutack (kind of like poster putty) which held my phone on my windshield for recording purposes, and of course Rascal Flatts for their cover of an applicable song.  (Come to find out, there really aren't that many songs out there about driving... just in case you were wondering!)

(P.S. We are moving into town in 26 days, and my roommate and I are just a bit excited for the move!  Less petrol consumption, not to mention less wear-and-tear on the car, will be more than welcome.  As a friend recently said, some people count numbers of sleeps till big events;  I tend to count numbers of drives...)

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