Thursday, January 3, 2013

Heri ya Krismas!

Heri ya Krismas (Merry Christmas) from Musoma!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, hands-down, rivaled only Thanksgiving traditions at the Walter’s including eating fabulous food, seeing people I love dearly, and playing girls vs. guys games… that’s hard to beat :).  And I’m always SO thankful this time of year for the Good News that sustains the world around – the fact that the reason we celebrate Christmas, the joy, the Truth of it all, remains the same no matter what continent I happen to be residing on at the moment.  Despite everything else changing and still being in constant transition, this Truth is the one thing that never changes and that I can cling to in the best and worst of times!

Being in Musoma means doing Christmas just a bit differently than I ever have before.  I’ve dearly missed family and friends around the world this season, but have also been blessed, loved on, and encouraged by friends here… and by those of you who honored us with an amazing onslaught of cards over the holidays!  What a blessing! :)

Before and after pictures of our wall... and more are still coming!  SO thankful!
So, here are a few pictures of the past few days.  Some are new traditions, some are old that get carried with wherever I go… but all have kept me busy and smiling along the way!  And most of all, I’m just so thankful for the reason that we celebrate this season in the first place – the best gift I could ever be given.
Our tree arrived by truck from Dar two days before Christmas... we were SO excited!
I wrapped all our package-gifts we'd received in kangas (local fabric) and pillowcases
to make Christmas morning more fun
Apparently one of the missionary families goes caroling every year... and this year, I was invited!
We had a ton of fun.  In this picture it was even snowing! 
(Well, we were being rained on by lake flies, which is pretty much the same thing, right?) :)
We dressed up like it was COLD!  Thankful it was actually somewhat cool that evening... :)
And a big shout-out to my friend Sue W for her package containing a santa hat...
she must have known I'd be needing it! :)
Fun opening presents on Christmas morning with friends.
Three of us got a fun package from a Musoma-friend who's in the States...
American candy makes us happy evidently!

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you got the package! I was beginning to get worried that it hadn't arrived. Love you guys!