Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving... Tanzania Style

Here in Tanzania, we're often a bit limited on what we can get.  In Musoma, I'm learning, it's even more so.  So when it comes to making a holiday feel "normal" with all the traditional foods, things can be a bit... complicated.  That's where the creativity comes in.

Any guesses what this is?

Sweet potatoes!!!

The sweet potatoes we can get here are white, so in order to make them appropriately traditional for Thanksgiving, they of course need some dye.  Lots of it.

But of course, a true sweet potato casserole needs either pecans (which we can't get here), or marshmallows (which are a bit easier to produce, even if they're not available either).  So we pulled out the trusty Wycliffe Cookbook, found a recipe for homemade marshmallows, and got started!
We quickly learned that making marshmallows is NOT a one-person job! 
The process required at least three hands at all times...
So glad for the candy thermometer that was left at the house!
The gelatin that got added... it acted a bit like Ooblek!
(I love this Mythbusters clip) :)

We started with hand-beating...
Then after a few turns, decided a mixer might be a good idea
It got thicker and thicker...
...and lighter and lighter in color...
Till finally, we deemed it done.
We were a bit excited - couldn't believe it actually worked!
Making the dollops
And of course, finishing off the process right
A few hours later, we checked on them, and they were all stuck together
just as proper marshmallows should be!  Success!!!
Happy Homemade Thanksgiving, all!

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