Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Deal with a Centipede

There are a lot of things I can deal with here in Tanzania.  Others I've gotten used to.  Then there are a things that I'm more than happy to let guys take over on.  They seem to enjoy helping and I'm more than willing to let them do so.  Probably anything under my "bugs and other grossness" category would fit that last description.  Here's a recent scenario of my thankfulness (aka How to Deal with a Centipede....

1. Walk into shower, realize that there's a colorful little wiggly thing with lots of legs.  Recall previous experiences with these speedy little guys running toward my feet that have a nasty bite and immediately step back out.

2. Quietly walk into the other room where your housemate and her fiance Victor are sitting, and request assistance with the critter.  Watch as housemate reacts and breathe a sigh of relief that I don't have to do anything as Victor comes to the rescue.

3. Walk behind Victor and take a picture with outreached arms and highest zoom possible, so I can finally explain to people what these little tiny super-fast creatures look like.
Sorry it's not very clear... but I WAS taking this picture from a good 6 ft away on digital zoom...
4. Step back and allow Victor to take control of the situation.  Which means using a broom handle to half-pick-up, half- smash the centipede.

5. Ask if it's dead.  And then ask aloud why not.

6. Watch as he carries said centipede at arms length into the kitchen, gets out a pot, lights a match, and procedes to kill it with fire. 
7. Explain hopes that the pot will get washed REALLY well aloud before leaving Victor to play with fire.  Then retire to take originally-planned shower, after carefully checking the drain for signs of any more friends.

(Note: Friend's significant other can be substituted in this instance by one of our guards if needed, depending upon who is on the premises.  If no guys are around, it's also possible to grab a mosquito zapper and hit/zap the centipede as it runs towards you as many times and as quickly as possible until it's stunned, then, well, call for a guy to dispose of it, of course!) :)

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