Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Going!!!

Many of you might remember that yesterday was a special, super-stressful date in my life.  May 15 was “D-day;” the day I needed to have 100% of my minimum monthly funding in so I could be cleared for Tanzania. 

As of yesterday morning, I was still short. 

And then, the calls.  emails.  texts started coming in.  And before I knew it, I was trying to hold back tears and amazement as I sat amidst strangers at Panera, with my bagel untouched beside me, watching the funds I needed for living and serving in Tanzania come in.  (SO thankful for places like Panera when internet at home fails to work on big important days like yesterday!) 

God is so good.

And so are all of you.

I want to thank each of you for your continued prayers, perseverance, generosity, love, and encouragement the past few weeks - and even more, the past year (or three!).  It’s been quite a journey.  And God knows just how much harder it would have been had I not had each of you with me.  (I’ve learned more about God’s grace, about the Body of Christ, about community, perseverance, and love the past year than I think I have the whole rest of my life combined.)

So... what's next?
  • Well, I’m officially cleared to get on a plane to Tanzania on June 25, 2012!!!  While I have my minimum monthly funding pledged, there are still opportunities for people who would like to partner with one-time gifts.  These funds will be put towards classroom supplies and my relocation expenses from Dar to Musoma.
  • Yet another way to help our brand new school is to browse through some of the items we hope to have available.  The two-room school is only one-year-old, and while we have some basic supplies for the classrooms, there are additional items that would supplement our curriculum.  Check out the link below.  My "Amazon wishlist" for Musoma will allow people to purchase and send items to my parents' house in Michigan, where they will be packaged and sent on to our school in Tanzania.
(Sort by priority "high-to-low" on top
and check out some of our needs... and wants!)

Thanks again, to all of you.  There's no way I could have done this without you!  

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