Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Carley Cat

 (I wrote this back in January of 2011... and just found the file today.  
Thought I'd share it with you anyway!) :)

We have a cat living at our house named Jericho.  Up till now, it’s been called “Carley Cat” or just “Cat.”  The original name of Ginger didn’t fit so well when they found out she was a he.  So, "Cat" it became.  But when it moved with Carley into our new house over the holidays, I decided that any animal living with me in the house must at least have a name.  So, Jericho it became. 

Jericho is funny in that he is a one-person cat.  Carley’s.  No questions asked.  When Carley isn’t around, Jeri will moan and cry and whine, and brush up against you till you pet him… but he’s still not content.  It’s only Carley he wants, and no one else. 

To illustrate this point, when Carley went away for a few days, Jeri disappeared.  And fast.  We found out that he had made his way – on foot – back to the previous house.  He went in through the screen, and was found curled up under the Christmas tree, patiently waiting for his beloved Carley.  Talk about devotion.  The houses are about 5km apart, with crazy-busy streets in-between.  Even more, the cat had been transferred to the new house by car and definitely wasn't familiar with the route on foot!

Today, as my other housemate, Marie, mentioned how Jeri had cried for Carley ALL day long (while she was at school), it struck me that this is one devoted cat.  And it made me think.  I said, “What a miserable life it must be to yearn after someone so much…”  Then it struck me.  That’s exactly what we’re called to do – and joyfully allowed to do – with God!

The difference is, God is with us all the time.  He WANTS us to yearn after Him every moment, and He loves this because HE LOVES BEING WITH US.  He wants us to love time with Him to no end – and wish every moment we’re not with Him, that we were. 

As much as the cat drives us nuts sometimes (come on! I give it attention but it could really care less that I exist!), :( it shows a devotion that is crazy to us in this world.  How much would God love it if we were the same way… yearning, seeking after, searching earnestly for Him every step of the day?

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