Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wycliffe Wyldlife

The last night of training at Wycliffe in Florida, our group was taken to the local GatorLand park for a tour and adventure.  We got to see some rare all-white crocodiles (they're not albino, but "leucistic," meaning they have even less skin pigmentation...). 
We also "met" an insanely massive dog-eating crocodile who once terrorized dog-walkers in Tampa Bay, FL (at least I think that's where it was) before he was captured and stuck in this park to save him from the wrath and revenge of dog-owners everywhere.

(Crocodile not pictured here for his own protection.)

After learning about crocodiles of various colors and appetite preferences, we had a chance to learn about some of the crazy creatures that God put around us in the world.  They had a scorpion, a tarantula, and even a few lizards that are a little out of their element in FL... but which we'll see in our yards in Tanzania!  While there was NO WAY I was going to touch the hairy terrestrial tarantula they offered, I did get to hold a baby crocodile… and eventually worked up my courage to touching… then holding… a python!  Still can’t believe I did this.
My roommates at training... with the crocodile
Really, my hand placement isn't that impressive - the croc's mouth was taped shut!
Step 1: Dare to touch the snake.
Realize it's not as slimy as I thought,
and that it's actually kind of cool to feel the muscles moving.
Step 2: Watch my friend from Tanzania hold it and give in to self-induced peer pressure.
Step 3: Jump in and volunteer to hold it before chickening out.  Realize it's not so bad.
Step 4: Give snake back and realize while it's not so bad...
I'd really like to now take a long hot shower! :)
We had a lot of fun at the park, and it was great to see even the little kids eager to touch the animals.  However, when we got back to the center and prepared to take out our trash, we soon discovered that there is plenty of wildlife on the center itself.
On the corner of John Wycliffe Blvd and Great Commission Drive...
Not a question of whether there might be... evidently there IS in fact wildlife in this Dumpster! 
I wonder if this helps decrease the impact on the environment
by renting these big metal bins out to hungry critters?
I only wonder how many incidents had to happen before these signs went up... :)

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