Saturday, March 10, 2012

Along my travels down I-75 and further south... I came along a few interesting sights.  Some of them I managed to take pics of (when I wasn't surrounded by traffic) and others I had to note down on the yellow post-it beside me.  Here are a few of the things that kept me entertained on my 3 days of driving south!
Because you wouldn't want a regular, boring mountain road...

Who WOULDN'T want to live on Stinking Creek Road, really?
(Turns out there's also a Boggy Creek Road in FL, in case you want the wet version...)
Does it bother anyone else that the American Kidney Fund truck has pick-up service?
I keep hearing about this coca-cola museum, but didn't have a chance to stop...
From my one experience in Atlanta before, I remembered how the right lane of traffic suddenly turns into an off-ramp without warning.  I tried to stay in the middle. 
Did you know there really IS an Oscar Meyer Weiner Vehicle?
Neither did I, till I passed it going down I-75! 
Not sure I'd want to drive this on a windy day though!
Oh, how this reminds me of Tanzania! 
Who says the luggage has to fit within the confines of the vehicle?
Another random street name that called for a picture...
"NEEDMORE RD?" This name cracks me up... let alone that it's obviously under construction!
Everyone wants a "Big Boy" statue walking across their lawn!
Because all dairy farmers should be united...

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  1. Those pictures are hilarious!! I'm still laughing...especially at the "Needmore Rd" sign. Priceless!

    And yes, I knew there was an Oscar Meyer Weiner vehicle. It came to our high school back in the day. I've seen it since then, too. Sad, I know! =)