Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking Back at Great Work!

I just saw the below post on a FB page dedicated to the work of Translation in Musoma, Tanzania.  That's where I'll be heading in June... where I'll be teaching the children of the translators and supporting the work you see here! 

In this new year, it is amazing to reflect on all that God accomplished through the work of the Mara Cluster Project in 2011!
Here are just a few of those things:

- 3 Luke dedication events
- 4 other books of Scripture published
- Multiple literacy workshops training 4-8 writers in 8 different language groups
- A shellbook workshop, which resulted in a large number of booklets translated into 8 different languages
- Church leader workshops in 4 different language areas
- Construction of new office building completed
- 6 language committees formed
- Bible Weekend services in 9 different village churches
- Language research in the Suba area
- Translation of the JESUS Film started in 1 language
- Training for 9 Tanzanian staff at GTA & i-DELTA in Kenya
- English courses for 6 Tanzanian staff
- 6 new staff added
- Guests from around the world, including a large prayer team from Austria
- 2 courses taught by Mara Cluster staff at a local Bible college
Check out the FB page, and "like" it to keep updated on what God is doing HERE!  And know that your support and prayers are impacting this work in critical ways...

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