Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Morning!

Sometimes, there are pluses to wintering in colder climates.  Let me give you an example.

In Tanzania last year, I found these really cool mugs.  The deep, thick, holds-lots-of-liquid kind of mugs.  They went with the beautiful blue-green and brown plates that I found for cheap, too.  And I really wanted to use them.

The only problem is, I don’t drink coffee.  And though I’ve been reminded numerous times that drinking hot liquids is especially important when it’s hot outside (???), I haven’t quite gotten to that point yet.

But there’s still something to that idea of waking up and huddling around a mug.  So I did it anyway.

With juice.

Yes.  with cold juice, straight out of the fridge.

It was my way of imagining it was snowing, cold, getting to the point where we’d need to build a fire… even though the fire was in the sun blazing just above our heads. 

But now, it turns out, it really IS cold!  (It's actually snowed a few times!)  And though I still don’t drink coffee (I’ve gotten close a few times on furlough...), hot cider is readily available AND enjoyable for consumption.

So these days, you’ll find me waking up to a mug once again.  But this time, the mug tends to hold something warm, not cold!
Happy Mornings!


  1. Cold juice in your mug! Pretty cute, I'd say! Yes, we also have the philosophy that drinking hot tea is perfect year round, even in 42 degree summer heat!

  2. beautiful picture, Crystal! i hope and pray for strength for each moment as you finish the semester. a beautiful rest is coming!!