Monday, October 24, 2011

Twice is Nice!

A story from the Translation work going on in Musoma, Tanzania... where I hope to go in March to help teach the kids of the missionary translators in that area!  (Written by Misha S.)

Note: To read more stories and learn what God is doing in Bible Translation in the Tanzania and Uganda, go to

Rukia reading Genesis
When Rukia, the Ikizu Bible translator, went to a village to read a chapter of her draft of Genesis aloud to get feedback from community members, several people gathered to listen. They were quite surprised to learn that Scripture was being translated into the Ikizu language, but even more surprised to learn that their language could be written.

Rukia began reading and everyone listened very carefully. They were nodding and smiling, following along with the story. She continued reading all the way through the end of the chapter. But as soon as she finished, they suddenly asked her to go back and read the final paragraph again. Rukia immediately thought, “Oh no, what did I mess up in my translation?”
Ikizu speakers listening to their own language being read!!!
After hearing the final paragraph once more, one man in the group leaned back and said, “Thank you, Rukia, for repeating that part of the story. It was just such good Ikizu and so sweet to our ears to hear our language being read that we all wanted to hear it again! We’ve never heard Ikizu being read aloud before!”

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