Monday, October 31, 2011

Here are the kids....

Where is the teacher?

These are most of the families that I will be helping to teach when I get to Musoma, Tanzania in March. Many are from the States, others are from Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands... and all are aiding in getting the Bible into the hands of NINE language groups in the Mara Region of Tanzania (near Lake Victoria).
The Mara Region is in Red above.  Be praying for the work of Bible Translation!
Right now, there is one teacher working at a co-op, 2-room schoolhouse that has been set up there, and parents are filling in to teach the parts she can't cover. However, the hope is to get these parents back to the work they've been trained and called to do - either Bible Translation, literacy, or support work - while their kids continue to get a high-quality education!
Lyndy came by for a visit in MI (from TX!) while on furlough,
and we talked about... guess what?  Teaching! 
I know all my teacher-friends are shocked. :) Can't wait to work with her!

That's where I come in!  By having a second teacher in the school, parents will be able to get back to helping get the Bible into the hands of Tanzanians who need Scripture in a language they truly understand.  I can't do my part, however, without the prayers and financial support of all of you. I am currently at 30% of my needed monthly funds both for heading to Musoma, and for right now here in the States.  If you would like to aid in this process, it would be a huge blessing to me!  I won't be cleared to leave for Musoma until I reach 100% of my funding, but I am also struggling to make ends meet while I'm here studying on furlough and as I prepare to go back.  If you would be willing to commit to joining the team of monthly funding partners TODAY, it would be a HUGE help and blessing!  Even seemingly small monthly amounts really add up!

Ways to Get Involved:
  • Click HERE to join my team. (either as a prayer warrior, monthly supporter, or to give a one-time gift)
  • Email me to let me know ideas for fundraising or how you would like to get involved.
  • Tell your missions director or pastor about me, what I'm doing, and my needs, and get me their contact information so I can follow up.  Or invite me to your next small group to share what God is doing around the world!

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