Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Days of School

7 September 2011

Lately, I’ve been seeing a LOT of back to school photos on Facebook. 

First came NC…
Then came the pictures from HOPAC and Dar...
A few misplaced Tanzanites on furlough in Minnesota...
the first day of school in a new country has GOT to be tough!  Be praying for these guys!

Even MI has gotten into the game!

So, since I was feeling a little left out (I miss teaching already!!!), I decided to get my own back to school photo commemorating my first day of online grad classes this fall.
Are you jealous?  Look again!

I’d say, despite the flexibility in location (and wardrobe!), I have a LOT of reading to do (and online lectures to watch) before Christmas…

But at least I’ve warmed up a bit since I first got back.  This was my first week back in the States, finishing my post-course work by writing a 10 page paper on Educational Theorists, and freezing in the air conditioner.  (Granted, it was hot*… everyone else was in short shorts and tank tops while I had on jeans and a fleece outside!)
Happy School Days!!!

*Hot, of course, being a relative term...

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  1. this is adorable, Crystal. i love this post! are you working on the Intro to the Bible course? have FUN!! who is your prof?

    (miss you!!)