Sunday, August 14, 2011

SO, what's next?

14 August 2011

I've been hearing that question frequently lately, and thought this might be a good time to answer it.  Contrary to popular thought, I really am NOT lying around doing nothing as everyone else gets ready to go back to school.  After a couple of weeks away with my family, I'm readjusting and transitioning back to American culture again.  AND I actually have a few things on my plate to keep me busy these next 8 months while I'm in the States!  Here's the line-up...

August.  Finishing grad course work.  Contacting churches and individuals to get connected and starting to raise partners in prayer and finances for going back to the Land of Tanz.  Which means, if you have a church, small group, missions committee, or friend, (or yourself!) who would be interested in learning more or being a part of my team, this would be the time to contact me and set that up!!!

Sept - Dec.  I'll be taking three grad courses, all online, while living with my parents in Kzoo.  This is important for keeping my teaching license with Michigan current so I can keep teaching.  I'll also be continuing to support-raise in preparation for hopefully going back to Tanzania in March. 

Jan-Feb.  Finishing support raising, I hope and pray!  Continuing to spend time with family and friends.

Somewhere in here... heading to NC a couple of times, and any place else people are hoping to meet with me!

March.  Hopefully, if I have 100% support by then... Heading to Tanzania!

March - May. Language school in Iringa, Tanzania for three months.

June - July.  Get settled into where I'll be living, in Musoma Tanzania, gathering needed supplies for my living situation, going to our missions conference.

August.  Get ready and start teaching some great kiddos who need a teacher!

Please pray for perseverance... and for rest.  For hope... and not doubt.  For wisdom in how to schedule my time... and for good connections with churches and people everywhere.  For good times with old friends and family... and for connections and fellowship with my new community in and around West Michigan.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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