Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Other Side of the Desk

2 July 2011

After a hurried leaving of Tanzania 2 hours after my last day of school, I shipped out (ok, flew) to Zurich, got on a train, and arrived in Basel, Switzerland.  After a confusing pick-up, I safely arrived in a little town named Kandern, which is the home of Black Forest Academy (an international school in Germany).  It is here that Philadelphia Biblical University Cairn University (they changed their name) has an overseas campus for international teachers interested in getting their masters in one-week intensive classes over the summer… people like me!
On the train in Switzerland
It’s been quite a change.  One day, I was teaching and explaining mathematical concepts.  Two days later (literally), I was sitting on the other side of the desk, taking notes on teaching methods from a powerpoint presentation and a very creative professor.  One week I was walking around the classroom, the next I was stretching my legs from constant sitting every chance I got.  One day I was creating the assignments, and the next week I was turning them in.
My housemate Katie and I working on our personal Theories of Learning from a Biblical Worldview... we spend a lot of time working at our computers each night!

It’s been fun. (Well, mostly.  Except maybe for the brain-overload bit! :)

Game Night after our first exam...
The first week, they took us back to Basel to go exploring a bit.  With only four people in our first class (so much fun!), it was easy to arrange transport across the border... only about a thirty minute drive.  Our prof (in the orange shirt below) even treated us all to ice cream!
My first McD's sighting in almost two years!
Basel. is. Beautiful!
Need I say more?  You should plan to come visit in two years so we can travel... :)

Since then, things have been busy.  I’ve just completed my second grad class – and second week of classes.  Two down, two to go.  My brain is full, to say the least.  I can now tell you my personal theory of education and how to apply this in my classroom… and have learned a LOT about teaching from a Biblical perspective.  It’s been wonderful to have outside input from amazing teachers after being “on my own” (without teacher-training) for the past couple of years.  I’ve also met amazing people who teach – and come from – places all over the world.  It’s been a huge treat for me to be around people who think that teaching overseas and learning new languages and dealing with cultural differences is normal – who can relate to culture shock upon hitting a grocery store in Germany – and who have lots of advice for a newbie going on furlough!

Keep praying for me these next couple of weeks to keep going strong... and to arrive in the States ready to finish post-course projects before my brother's wedding.  Pray too for good rest, the ability to take in information I need to quickly and well, and not to belabor projects as I'm prone to doing.  One day at a time!

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  1. I was in Basel in March...and recognise all those places in your photos...I persuaded all my friends to join me in Macdonalds...which they did under sufferance....:)