Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Getting Excited...

15 May 2011

Many of you know I've been accepted to a Master's Program through Philadelphia Biblical University.  Since you all want to know what this is about, you can click HERE for more information. :)  The program I'm doing is actually located at an international extension campus at Black Forest Academy, which is an international boarding school in Kandern, Germany. 
The program I'm doing is a Masters of Science in Education, but is focused on teaching in an international setting with a Christian focus.  Each class is completed in one week: there are sessions Monday - Friday for class, and pre- and post-coursework outside.  I'll be there for four weeks; hence, will complete 4 courses during this period of time.  Since I'll get to spend time with teachers who are doing something like what I get to do every day, all around the world, I'm excited for the opportunity that is ahead! 

At the same time, as I sit surrounded by calendars, syllabi, folders, and schedules, I'm suddenly realizing what IS ahead. 

Before June 17 (five weeks!), I will be:
  • Finishing the school year at HOPAC with my third graders
  • Completing report cards and doing conferences with parents
  • Helping with the Sound of Music Production
  • End of Year Activities
  • Preparing/Organizing my classroom for the incoming grade 3 teacher
  • Sorting, storing, and packing to go back to the States on furlough
  • (HOPEFULLY) getting my textbooks from the States
  • Completing Pre-Coursework for my Masters classes this summer
  • Saying goodbye to kids, parents, friends, community I've been with for the past two years :(
Are you overwhelmed?  Because I am!

But then, I got on the website for PBU's extension campus again.  And I saw.


And this.
Wait, go back.  Did you see this? 
Ah, yes, mountains.  *Sigh*  Suddenly, my soul is refreshed.

And I realized, as long as I survive the next five weeks, I might just enjoy where I'm headed. 

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