Thursday, February 3, 2011

Musings for the Moment.

3 Feb 2011
  • Violence in Egypt is a heck of a lot more real when living in a “neighboring” country.  I’ve heard all these descriptions on the news before, but now that I’m actually here and I know how quickly things can escalate since public pressure is the only way to get changes made, it’s a whole different perspective.  PRAYING!!!!
  • My kids are great.  And, yes, driving me crazy.  It is February, after all.  But they're making me laugh hard along the way with memorable quotes! 
  • I don’t know how people are surviving Dar heat right now with hamna umeme (no electricity) every other day, and then none on the alternate nights as well.  We NEED Rain!!!!!  SO thankful for the amazingly unexpected blessing of living near the power plant and having continuous power at our new house… I know I could do it, but I’m thankful for a fan at night, a fridge that stays cold, and an electric stove that works whenever we want to eat! 
  • I wish I could get as excited about everything I teach as I do about some of the subjects!  I try to give every topic equal opportunity for passionate learning excitement, and I’m good at making it look like I love it… but it’s just not always very “real.”  I’m having a blast teaching about the body right now… wish I loved teaching electricity this much!  (Anyone want to come guest teach?)
My kiddos on "Brain Day"
  • Today I was reading the story of Moses, and threw out the pre-made Bible lesson plans completely.  (Yeah, this is another of those topics I really do love!!!)  I acted out (with emotion) the burning bush scene as I read it, and we contrasted the reality of the Scriptural story to the movie (which was a few of my kids’ only experience with the story before today).  By the end, when I closed my Bible, my kids begged, “Miss Lucas, we still have 25 minutes of school!  Please keep reading, we want to hear more!!”  This, after sitting still on the carpet listening to me read for about 25 minutes.  I love my class!!!
  • I wonder if all this passion and excitement (feigned or otherwise) is why I come home so exhausted every night???  Or maybe it’s the heat.  Or both :)

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