Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where Does the TIME Go?

13 January 2011

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and a lot of thinking, but not a lot of posting.  Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to (and maybe I’ll get around to posting the other thoughts when I have a few moments…)

*I arrived safely back from the States.  And one week later, my bag arrived too!  Hooray!!!  (Double, triple, quadruple hooray – it’s nice to have everything safely here once again!)

*School started.  And it’s going well.  I’m excited to finally start using (hopefully soon!) one of the computer projectors that I brought back from the States with me for the school…  and am enjoying teaching a fun unit on fantasy!  Dragons and giant peaches, here we come!

*My housemates and I are officially addicted to watching… HOUSE.  I think we are now ready to handle any weird medical emergency that comes our way… although we've learned that the diagnosis is NEVER lupus!

*Marie, Carley, and I are pretty much more than officially moved into our new house.  We actually have some curtains now, which is nicer than the sheets we had up before.  (Special thanks, I might add, to the people at Dar airport for returning my missing bag… to HOPAC, no less!)  The kitchen is still driving me nuts – still no countertops OR storage, a tiny sink, and our microwave has the wrong kind of plug to use here.  But we DO have a working fridge, a rolling cart, and lots of pots and pans I brought with from the States!  Other than that, I’m loving the cool breeze, the freedom of being away from the teacher’s compound (not the people – just all the issues!), and simply being a bit more outside the main city (or at least away from the main road!!!)
Here's where we were when I left for Christmas. Not so much is stored on the table now, thankfully!  Look at the sink... it's tiny!  Although this does show us coming a long way from when we first arrived...
A few moments in the first days of our house.  We didn't have a bottle opener, so I'm using a screwdriver in the upper left-hand corner to get the top off a soda.  A friend gave us the cute fanta opener the next day :).  On the right, this is Carley and I attempting to make ratatouille from a can - without a can opener.  Yes, we used a knife to open the can and pry it open.  Lastly, on the bottom left is a "to get" list for our new house.  Doesn't everyone need a new bow and arrow for their new place???

*We now have a second dog who resides in the garage (not sure if it’ll work out – she attacked our first dog, Bethlehem, the first day and wouldn’t let go of her leg… they’re not exactly on seeing-each-other-from-afar-terms at the moment…).  Bethi is currently outside my window barking.  We also have a cat somewhere around… moths living in my mosquito net, and a frog we just found in the toilet.  The ants haven’t discovered our house yet, but it seems the rest of the animal kingdom is enjoying it fully!

*I could use prayer for patience, as I’m finding I’m suddenly getting easily frustrated – about everything.  Like the kitchen sink.  (Literally!)  And well-meaning - but very talkative - kids.

*I miss people in the States.  I’m very thankful for relationships here.  Bos. (that’s all.)

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