Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kwaheri, Tanzania, kwa Sasa!

(Bye, Tanzania, for now!)
18 December 2011

It's a funny thing, this word Kwaheri.  As a person who doesn't like transitions and who hates goodbyes, I'm a big fan of See Ya Laters!  (Tuta anon badai.)  That's what most Tanzanians will say when leaving, even for a long period of time.  (Or, at least that's my experience... Heffts and others, correct me if I'm wrong!)

"Home" is another weird concept for me.  As a single (which definitely changes everything), home is often where I am not.  I'm "going home" to Kalamazoo, and when I'm in Kalamazoo, I'll be ready to "go home" to Tanzania.  I wonder if this ever really changes... hopefully at least when I get married some day!  Or whether this just has something to do with the transitional status I've been in seemingly since arriving at college.

Anyway, the fact is that I'm going "home."  To Kalamazoo.  Today.  For a quick, two-week visit to see family over the holidays.  Yes, I know.  I'm crazy.  Yet with my brother and his wife coming from Florida, and others are coming in from across the country, it seems strange NOT to make the trip to see everyone at once.  And since I haven't been "home" in a "while..."

As many of you know how good I am at worrying, I've made a list of all the things that are on my mind as I head towards this strange, very culturally different location around the world.

  • Snow!  Enough said.  (Today in Dar it's 90 degrees, sunny, with a humidity that promotes boiling while standing still)
  • Dress - I'm just glad I'm going at a time when everyone will be bundled up... I'm not sure how I'd handle seeing short shorts right now... 
  • Family - I love them!  And I can't wait to get some great hugs! :)  But I'm a little overwhelmed to imagine EVERYONE (my brother, his wife, her parents, my parents, and me) all sleeping in the same house over the next couple of weeks...
  • The question - "What comes next?"  Another inevitable transitional question that I'm sure will come up again and again while I'm home...  I'll fill you all in later!!!
  • Flights - Making it through, with no bad connections or delays or weather issues or bad announcers and speakers that don't let me here when they're announcing my flights... PLEASE PRAY!!!
  • FRIENDS - No, I'm not worried about this :)  But it will be weird to see friends married that weren't, friends with kids that I've never met, etc.  Lots of changes going on!
  • Jet Lag - I'm going home for two weeks.  Just pray that I get over jet lag both ways quickly... and that I don't arrive back in Dar any MORE tired than I am while leaving! 
Ok, the list goes on... but it should also include things like the amazing questions of what food I'll get to eat (I'm thinking Arby's!.... with Chick-fil-a milkshakes as a close second, except it doesn't exist in MI)... what kinds of great kitchen house stuff I can find that will supplement our very meager selection of utensils in our new house here... the overwhelming prospective of being in the dollar section of Target again or the Dollar Tree (Yes, I am definitely a teacher)... and replenishing my supply of Craisins, dried cherries, and maple syrup flavoring for the next several months of life in Tanzania!

But most of all, I'm just excited to be going "home."  And I'm praying that, no matter what happens, I'll be able to enjoy - and be present - and thankful - about whatever is going on and whatever God has planned!

Kwaheri, Rafiki!

(P.S.  If I don't get to see you in the next few days, please don't take offense!  I've got lots of visits to make to see family and not much time for anything else.  I'll look forward to seeing ALL of you this summer sometime... and truly CAN'T WAIT till those reunion times come!!!)

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  1. praying for you!!!!! Surprisingly NOT jealous of you and all the time will come, I'm sure! =0)