Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Days, You Just Need to Laugh

24 October 2010

On the days when you’re riding on a bus that only gets up to 30km per hour, going downhill… and as you realize the bus has a set of six different types of horns, some of which sound like a machine gun or a circus… why not label the horn patterns with numbers?  1-3-2, 2-2-2, ooh! 6-(that’s the circus one)5-5…  It’s better to laugh than get frustrated!

On the days when relationships are hard, and the world seems against you, you may as well laugh as a friend puts a necklace around your neck… with no other reason than to try to make you smile.

On the days when you’re searching for a new place to live, you may as well learn to drive a bajaj along the way… and hope other drivers don’t get into accidents as they turn around for a second look at the white person driving the bajaj!

On the days when everything goes wrong, you may as well admit it’s a chocolate cake day and eat it with a silly smile on your face… while sharing with friends, of course!

On the days when you find yourself pacing the kitchen, opening and closing the fridge trying to find something to eat and knowing there’s nothing there while your stomach is grumbling… you may as well revel in the fun of saying “cheese chapattis” as you heat up the cooker!

On the days when the loud advertisement trucks are sitting outside the house blaring about something I don’t understand, (but which I definitely do not want to buy simply because of the fact that they are blaring loud-speakers outside my house…) why not yell “Jesus Loves You!” at the top of your lungs?  It makes you feel better, and at least you’re sharing something positive!

On the days when nothing goes right, it makes your heart smile to realize that your roommates made an emergency ice cream run for you on their own accord… and made homemade chocolate sauce for the banana splits!  With friends like these, who wouldn’t be smiling at least a little by the end of the day???

On the days when you run out of water and it takes you a six hour off-and-on process to boil and filter enough drinking water for the five people running in and out of your house… you may as well make up a random dance along the way!  And laugh, of course. The water will definitely taste better with a little laughter thrown in! :D


  1. Good reminder Crystal. That was my thought this morning as I trudged through mudpits in my nice work outfit and flipflops while trying to get to a couple schools. Everyone I asked knew where they were, but none could tell me the way to get there by car...

  2. I love saying silly words while I'm doing something boring! It makes it so fun!

    And doesn't everyone open and close the refrigerator door when there's nothing to eat? I don't feel alone now.