Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Thoughts for the Day: 7-21-10

Random thoughts for the day of: 21 July 2010.  (Or is that July 2010 21?  I can't remember...)
  1. One year ago today, exactly, I boarded a plane to move to Africa to teach awesome MKs (Missionary Kids).  What an adventure it has been!!!!!
  2. Now that I'm back around a computer with working internet, I'm spending way too much time on FB.  BUT part of the reason I'm chilling on my computer so much is that I've sent out 8 batches of emails, taking 20+ minutes to upload each one, with newsletters to all of you!  That's assuming, of course, the "send" didn't time out or fail before actually sending :(  Yay for internet that teaches patience and perseverance! (I think...)
  3. My July newsletter is finally done and out!  Check it out here, or at the link on the right side under "newsletters," to discover a few of the things we've recently been laughing at around Tanzania.
  4. I am slowly learning to like fundis (experts - could be of anything, including plumbing, sewing, construction... you get the picture).  It turns out some of them actually listen to you, do the job well, and clean up afterwords all by themselves!  It's a rarity but I'll rejoice when we get the good ones :)
  5. The official countdown is... exactly 2 days from now, as in 48 hours from this moment... my parents arrive by plane to Dar!  Can't wait to get some great hugs, see them face to face, and let them experience a very different kind of life from what they're used to!!!!!

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