Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teaching Is...

3 March 2010
  • Realizing that you’ve used a 10g flat weight from your student’s scales as a bookmark for the book you’ve been eagerly reading during DEAR time throughout book week.
  • Coming home and emptying your pockets of: unifix cubes, starbucks (reward system in my classroom), pencil erasers (were getting played with), pieces of crayons (instead of getting thrown at someone at the next table…)
  • Getting super-excited over a package containing new, and very needed, testing materials for the SPED department.
  • When asked about ideas for packages, asking for beeping timers from the Dollar Tree in the States because they’re the best kind to use in the classroom.
  • Finding a sudden urge to clean house on a weekend when report cards are waiting to be done.
  • Enjoying the fact that, in Africa, pencils come pre-sharpened in the package!!!
  • Missing the big rolling laminators in the States, and the Teaching Dollar Tree, and dye-cut machines. Plus, pre-made bulletin boards (the shiny kind) and pre-cut letters to post on the wall. (Did you know they don’t have Elison Dye Cut machines in England? Insanity, I know!)
  • Getting more excited about going to the Tegeta Friday used-clothing market because you can get plastic prizes for your prize box for super-cheap than the excitement for the cheap clothes!
  • Knowing exactly how many columns and rows are needed for the rubric you’re making on the computer, automatically without even thinking.
  • Colored Pens.
  • Watching a YouTube video and thinking, “This will fit in perfectly with my unit next week!!!” Then grading papers while waiting 20 minutes for each subsequent SchoolHouse Rock video to load so I could decide which one to use about weight, mass, and gravity.
  • Having a sincere appreciation for – and desire to collect – sticky notes. And pads of paper. Especially cute ones.
  • Looking forward to pajama day all year long – more-so than the kids.
  • Being excited when I get to have grown-up-conversations, sit in grown-up-sized chairs, and use grown-up-sized sinks.
  • Knowing the best ways to stick things to any sort of cement or plaster wall – and standing by your methods with a vengeance.
  • Knowing that a class-full of whisper-voices will never actually come out as a whisper.
  • Waking up, being sick, and deciding it’s less work to go into the classroom than create sub plans, find a sub, and clean up the chaos afterwards.
  • Having an acute knowledge of which children’s books are best for teaching shapes, sharing, super-cool vocabulary, and punctuation.
  • Being able to spot ring-worm, chickenpox, pinkeye, and a real headache from a classroom away, with one hand on the phone to call home… yet also knowing how to watch kids at recess to prove when they’re faking it!
  • Being a nurse; a psychologist; a conflict-solution advisor; an eye, ear, nose, and throat diagnoser and pediatrician; referee; librarian; mom; comforter (of hurt bodies, feelings, and wounds from the world); caterer and provider of lost snacks; detective and search agent for all things missing; diagnostician; expert of all trades and abundant provider of knowledge; artist; friend; knowledge looker-upper and question-answerer; choir-director and drama coach; planner and strategizer; molder-of-minds; disciplinarian; model; expert problem-solution advisor and juggler of questions, requests, discoveries, problems, issues, hugs, hurt feelings, headaches and stomachaches, and all things kid – with joy and passion – during your break.

Teachers... I need your help! What am I missing here? You know there's a lot :) Let me know!


  1. Teaching is...
    -finding yourself asking your dogs to "please zip their lips"

    -convincing yourself (and those who live with you) that "of course, those bags of empty water bottles, toilet paper rolls, butter tubs, and that endless stack of shoe boxes are absolutely necessary.... I mean, you never know when things like that will come in handy!"

    And I loved your one about being sick and realizing that its sooo much easier to just suck it up and go in anyway. =)

  2. Ha! So true :)

    Here, we had to stop our househelp from throwing all our needed materials (TP rolls, etc.) away... and why we need those empty plastic containers from the margarine, despite having to store them... :)

    Thanks for the response, Kristin - it's so good to hear back from people on here!!!