Saturday, January 30, 2010

Giving Thanks

30 January 2010

What a week! While I think I’m finally getting used to life here in Dar (the day-to-day things, anyway), we seem to have had more face-to-face confrontations about money this week than I’ve ever had in my life. It's been "A Week"!

In spite of this, I’ve decided it’s time to remember all the things I’m thankful for here in Dar es Salaam. Here are just a few :)

Things I’m thankful for:
  • Mac and cheese packets and mini-Parmesan cheese containers (it’s the little things!).
  • Great roommates, a soft bed, and (usually) electricity running through our walls.
  • The fact that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever… that His Word never changes… and that I have it in my own language!
  • Parents at school who actually support our work as teachers, and sincerely want to know how they can help!
  • Internet, Skype, and cell phones.
  • Having our last rabies shot completed yesterday, by a nurse who was willing to ask for help, then learned to use gloves, an alcohol swab, and all the things we take for granted in medical facilities in the States. Yay!
  • A community of people here who have experienced missing weddings, family events, and all sorts of things because they’ve been on the mission field – and who can relate when things get tough.
  • Almost ten years since I had my surgery – Monday’s the anniversary. That’s amazing!
  • Friends who are going out and friends that are coming in, whether to or from the States, or people who are settled in one place – I’m lucky to know and have you all in my life!!!
  • Prayer – that God truly hears us and answers, all-be-it in His own time and way! And a God who doesn’t give up on us no matter how stubborn we can try to be. The knowledge that people are lifting up prayers from your side of the world on my behalf is a huge comfort, too, on the toughest days!
Thanks, all, for your prayers and emails and all that you do. I TRULY couldn't be here without you!


  1. Hey - first time I've ever gone to a blog! so glad it was yours! Here in NC we are snowed it - it's beautiful but very different from your pictures! Enjoy all the variety in our Creator - He is truly infinite! When I make mac & cheese for my girls I'll think of you and offer a prayer for more blessings for you - love, Shanon

  2. Beautiful thoughts. I few months ago I never thought I would in a million years say this, but can I say we are on the same page here?